3 Things for Thunder Bay Pledges

Foster more dogs

Do more garbage clean ups

Donate more to charities I believe in


Volunteer at the Humane Society

Collect garbage on my daily walks

Donate food and feminine hygiene products to those in need


Donate more each month to local charities.

Be kind: offering kind words and deeds to people I don’t know

Pick up litter when I see it around our parks and neighbourhoods


Provide 3 Soft Skills Workshops for Local Community Partners/ Clients

Reduce Summer Learning Loss by Facilitating Summer Literacy and Numeracy Programs to enhance the love of learning.

Provide equitable and accessible free tutoring sessions for learners that need it most.


host a neighboorhood street party

create clothing bundles for ladies hitting the workforce after a tough time

collect garbage when out walking


Donate more to charities through motorcycle events

Spread kindness by helping kids in my neighbourhood

Taking the time to improve myself so I can be a better nurse and help people in my community


I pledge to do one simple random act of kindness daily.

I pledge to advocate for those who are struggling with food insecurity.

I pledge to raise awareness of dignified food access and dignified choices.


I will volunteer to help with community clean up!

I will continue to hand out mitts, hand warmers and hats to homeless people walking down the street without any.

I will be kind to unkind people!


Donate to a pet welfare organization

Donate to a not for profit organization

Pay it forward through the year ahead


volunteer time or materials (clothes, food, etc) each month

keep my apartment building and the surrounding nature tidy and cared for so everyone can enjoy

do a kind thing for someone i don’t know each week



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150 Pledges Submitted

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