3 Things for Thunder Bay Pledges

volunteer twice a week when I am available

clean up in my neighbourhood

donate once a month


I pledge to promote the 3 Things campaign by donating my time, created content and social media feeds to inspire action in our community!
I will also advocate at the municipal, provincial and federal level for significant, systemic change to eradicate poverty and properly support those with mental health and addictions so that the financial aspect of providing for people in need doesn’t fall just to community generosity but is a basic requirement that is met for all people by our government.

I pledge to hold a free fundraising jazz concert to spread music and support a local charity.

I pledge to involve my children by helping them to plan a fundraising activity of their choice, such as a lemonade or hot chocolate stand to support a local organization and to teach them good local citizenship! Along with this I will continue to teach them how to support community by being a good neighbour (shoveling snow, bringing sick people soup, standing up to injustice when we see it).


Volunteer at the Humane Society

Collect garbage on my daily walks

Donate food and feminine hygiene products to those in need


I am going to do more volunteer work in community.

I will increase my support of charities in 2023.

I will offer to mentor or provide career advice for a student or young professional.


Empower and support my coworkers and the work they do on the frontline.

Volunteer my time at another community organization.

Continue raising awareness and amplifying the voices of women and gender-diverse people facing severe adversities in their lives.


Drive less, bike more

Be mindful of stigmatizing language

Volunteer more


Donate needed items to PACE.

Participate in community cleanups come spring time.

Volunteer with shelter house.


To reprise the Free Clothing Exchange to assist with the clothing needs in the community.

To raise awareness of the challenges of low income families and individuals.

To continue my workplace payroll donation.


I will volunteer to help with community clean up!

I will continue to hand out mitts, hand warmers and hats to homeless people walking down the street without any.

I will be kind to unkind people!


Foster more dogs

Do more garbage clean ups

Donate more to charities I believe in



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