3 Things for Thunder Bay Pledges

I pledge to do one simple random act of kindness daily.

I pledge to advocate for those who are struggling with food insecurity.

I pledge to raise awareness of dignified food access and dignified choices.


Donate clothing to a local charitable program when I no longer need it

Volunteer my time at a charitable event or program

Do one act of kindness each month (ex. donate money, offer kind words, buy someone a coffee)


I will volunteer to help with community clean up!

I will continue to hand out mitts, hand warmers and hats to homeless people walking down the street without any.

I will be kind to unkind people!


Volunteer at the shelter house

Pick up garbage when I see some. Join the eco superior spring cleanup

Do the polar plunge and raise donations for a local charity.


I will promote Thunder Bay as a tourist destination on social media.

I will send notes of appreciation to business owners, thanking them for great service.

I will pick up litter during my walks. As Disney said, clean promotes pride in our community.


Volunteer at the dew drop in once a month

Strike up a conversation with a stranger

Make a sweet treat and bring it to my neighbours


Donate more to charities through motorcycle events

Spread kindness by helping kids in my neighbourhood

Taking the time to improve myself so I can be a better nurse and help people in my community


volunteer time or materials (clothes, food, etc) each month

keep my apartment building and the surrounding nature tidy and cared for so everyone can enjoy

do a kind thing for someone i don’t know each week


Increase my monthly charity donation

Establish more community partnerships

Continue to perform acts of kindness each month


Continue to volunteer regularly and frequently for many community organizations.

Help to keep my neighbourhood clean by picking up roadside trash.

Speaking up when I see or hear examples of racism and injustice.



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