How to get started

I want to tell my STORY

Whether you’re an individual with lived experience, a volunteer, a donor, a concerned citizen -- we want to hear what you have to say about community and what we can do to make our communities vibrant, inclusive and strong. Join the conversation! Log in and express yourself through storytelling, photography, video or any form of performance or visual art.


Non-profit agencies, community service providers and grass roots organizations are invited to share how they are making a difference. Create an agency profile and engage with others to effect positive social change. Network, join a discussion forum, participate in joint projects, post engagement opportunities and events. Let’s work together to inspire ideas and action that can help solve our community's most persistent challenges.

I’d like to HELP

Looking for jobs, volunteer opportunities, workplace engagement projects, worthy causes to support? There are so many ways you can take action to strengthen community and help improve lives!

I’d like to find RESOURCES

Through the sharing of resources, exchanging knowledge and creating meaningful connections across non-profit, government and business sectors, Empower the North is intended to be a safe space where members can connect, learn from one another and lean on each other for support. Our collective wisdom has the power to guide collective action and drive collective impact.