Dilico Christmas Wish Celebrates 15 Years of Making Wishes Come True

Dilico Christmas Wish Celebrates 15 Years of Making Wishes Come True

This holiday season, a heartwarming tradition is celebrating its 15th anniversary, unwrapping the spirit of giving like never before. For over a decade and a half, the community has come together to fill Dilico Christmas Wish bags, and bring joy to children in need during the holiday season. The Dilico Christmas Wish campaign delivers hundreds of gifts to children across the Thunder Bay district, including three First Nations.

It’s so special to know that the Christmas Wish campaign has been a part of so many meaningful moments over the last 15 years. The Christmas Wish campaign is not just about gifts, it’s a testament to the community’s compassion, dedication, and commitment to support children and families in need.

Dilico has seen first-hand, the profound impact this initiative has on the lives of children and is the driving force behind the campaign. Launched back in 2008, over 8,200 Christmas Wish bags have been gifted to children, youth, and babies to date. Those who participate in the Dilico Christmas Wish Campaign are provided with a Christmas Wish Bag to fill with essential items, warm clothing, learning supplies, books, and toys. The bags are then delivered by a Dilico elf to a deserving girl or boy between the ages of 0 and 17, just in time for Christmas.

The campaign is unique in the fact that each bag is individualized for a child, with a special tag attached that provides details such as their age, interests, and Christmas wishes. The bags are all a reflection of the child’s individual personality.

Over the years, the campaign has become an annual tradition for not just businesses, but for families across the region. Many parents fill Wish bags with their children as a special activity to really demonstrate what the holiday season is all about. It’s a campaign that both the participants and children look forward to each year.

Dilico Anishinabek Family Care is grateful for the community’s continued support. In 2023, the organization anticipates reaching its goal of 800 Wish bags. The Christmas Wish campaign truly captures the spirit of the season, ensuring that hundreds of children get the gift of a Christmas Wish year after year.

For more info on Dilico Anishinabek Family Care and the Christmas Wish campaign, please visit: https://www.dilico.com/christmaswish/

Dilico Christmas Wish Celebrates 15 Years of Making Wishes Come True

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