Empower the North is a collaborative community engagement platform where non-profit organizations, community groups, service providers, volunteers, business and government leaders, community advocates and concerned citizens can connect, engage and collaborate to make a positive impact.

Through meaningful connections across all sectors – non-profit, private and government – we have created a space where individuals, agencies and businesses can come together to effect transformational change. Empower the North allows community members and representatives from different organizations and different sectors to step up and become part of a group of caring community players committed to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem or community issue.

We believe that a connected network sparks collaboration and a willingness to share resources, exchange knowledge and lean on one another to help build a community where everyone feels included and is given the opportunity to get involved.

The network is free and is open to everyone. You can join as an individual or create an organizational profile – such as a non-profit or business. Empower the North enables members to express themselves, tell their own story and enhance their sense of community belonging.

Empower the North advances diversity, equity and inclusion: Through dialogue, storytelling and cultural expression, we are increasing awareness of issues around equity and inclusion in our community and offering support to help organizations develop and implement inclusive practices. We are facilitating community action around diversity, inclusion, anti-racism efforts and reconciliation with Indigenous, racialized and socioeconomically marginalized community members.

Powered by the Thunder Bay Community Foundation, Lakehead Social Planning Council, Thunder Bay Public Library, United Way of Thunder Bay, Community Safety & Well-Being Thunder Bay, with support from corporate, individual and other funders, Empower the North enhances our ability to serve as community convenors and collective impact facilitators. We have created an online platform where agencies, funders, service volunteers and community advocates can come together, connect, create discussion forums, working groups, roundtables, organize projects, joint initiatives, engagement opportunities and post a calendar of events and activities available to individuals, organizations and enterprises who want to be the change in our community.