Tiny Homes Tour Showcases Students’ Skills and Community Impact

Tiny Homes Tour Showcases Students’ Skills and Community Impact

In Thunder Bay, the spirit of innovation and community collaboration shines brightly through the second annual Tiny Homes Tour, spearheaded by students from Hammarskjold High School. These young builders, part of the Indigenous Skills Training program, have spent the school year crafting compact yet fully-functional tiny homes designed to address housing shortages across northwestern Ontario.

Under the guidance of dedicated instructors like Tim Aylward, the students have not only honed their technical skills but have also cultivated a sense of teamwork and achievement. Leland Waboose from Eabametoong First Nation reflects on the journey: “From bare boards to cozy homes, it’s been a transformative experience. We’ve learned, grown, and bonded as a team.”

Alyssa Moonias, inspired by her role in painting and finishing the homes, now sees a future in the construction field. “It’s about the details and making it look perfect. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished,” she says with a smile.

The impact extends beyond skill-building. Bonnie Krysowaty, coordinator of Thunder Bay’s poverty reduction strategy, emphasizes the broader significance: “These homes aren’t just shelters; they’re symbols of hope and opportunity. They’re heading to communities like Ginoogaming First Nation, where housing is desperately needed.”

Joel Hardy, a recent graduate, echoes this sentiment: “Knowing our hard work will change lives—it’s incredibly rewarding. This experience has made school more engaging and meaningful for all of us.”

As the tiny homes prepare to embark on their journey to new destinations, the students eagerly anticipate the next project. Ashley Ashreekakegam sums up the collective sentiment: “We’ve built more than homes; we’ve built futures. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next year.”

Indeed, the Tiny Homes Tour not only showcases practical skills but also fosters community pride and resilience, paving the way for a brighter future in Thunder Bay and beyond.

Tiny Homes Tour Showcases Students’ Skills and Community Impact