Great Lighthouse Rescue Raises over $80,000 for Thunder Bay Community Programs

Great Lighthouse Rescue Raises over $80,000 for Thunder Bay Community Programs

In a spirited event echoing the camaraderie of Thunder Bay’s shores, the second annual Great Lighthouse Rescue unfolded with waves of enthusiasm and community support. Organized by the United Way of Thunder Bay, this unique fundraiser brought together local agencies and brave volunteers in a daring mission to raise essential funds for community programs.

Amidst the picturesque setting of the Thunder Bay Main Lighthouse on Lake Superior, representatives from thirteen United Way partner agencies found themselves “cast away” for a noble cause. Clad in bright yellow raincoats, teams like Gail Hamilton, Nancy Allen, and Tammy Ambrose from the Children’s Centre Thunder Bay embraced the challenge to raise $2,000 each before they could be “rescued” and brought back to Prince Arthur’s Landing.

“The United Way supports various critical areas for children and families across our community,” shared Gail Hamilton, reflecting on their motivation to participate. “Contributing to such events not only strengthens our community but also enriches us personally.”

The day unfolded with excitement as honorary captains and their crews from HMCS Griffon Naval Reserve maneuvered through Lake Superior’s tempestuous waters in 24ft Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boats, executing daring rescues amidst cheers from onlookers at Pier 3. Each successful rescue not only marked a triumph over nature’s challenges but also bolstered the fundraising efforts as community leaders and supporters rallied behind the cause.

Beyond the thrilling rescues, Marina Park buzzed with activity. Families enjoyed lively sea shanty sing-alongs, indulged in delectable treats from local vendors like Beefcake’s Burger Factory and Twisted Ice Cream, and explored harbor tours with Sail Superior. Information booths hosted by participating agencies dotted the Big Green Lawn, offering insights into their impactful community programs.

“This event epitomizes the spirit of collaboration and generosity that defines Thunder Bay,” remarked Albert Brule, CEO of United Way Thunder Bay. “Thanks to the dedication of our partner agencies, the support of our sponsors, and the commitment of our community, we have not only met but surpassed our fundraising goal.”

Indeed, the Great Lighthouse Rescue surpassed expectations, raising over $80,000, including matched donations, to bolster essential programs and services across Thunder Bay. Commander Nathanael Moulson of HMCS Griffon reflected on the event’s evolution from an idea over coffee to a cherished community tradition.

“Events like the Great Lighthouse Rescue highlight the power of collective action and the resilience of our community,” Commander Moulson remarked. “It’s about coming together for a common purpose, celebrating our strengths, and making a lasting impact.”

As the sun set over Lake Superior, casting a golden glow on the waters where bravery and generosity had collided, the echoes of cheers and gratitude lingered—a testament to the indomitable spirit of Thunder Bay and its unwavering commitment to empower and uplift every corner of its community.

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Great Lighthouse Rescue Raises over $80,000 for Thunder Bay Community Programs

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