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Kitchen Volunteer

Put your passion for community building to good use. Become a part of the team of dedicated volunteers that work together to support Shelter House’s Community Kitchen. We offer a friendly environment, and an enriching experience!

Volunteer with Us

Do you have the heart of a Chef and want to share that love with others?! Use your imagination and let your creativity flow to create delicious, healthy options for the community. Go shopping in the food storage room where you can find almost anything you would need to make a feast for the masses. Volunteers have the run of the kitchen, complete with giant soup kettles, cook top, convection oven, walk in fridge and freezer and so much more!

Interested in volunteering?

If at any point you said to yourself, “I CAN DO THAT!”, we would like to hear from you! Shelter House relies heavily on the kindness and generosity of community members, a little help goes a long way! Please fill out the volunteer form below. For more information, email

To apply, email your details to