I Value the Thunder Bay Public Library

I Value the Thunder Bay Public Library

I wanted to write in to comment on how much I value the Thunder Bay Public Library. I’ve been a library patron for decades. My first library card was for the Waverley Library. Back then, long before the advent of computers, I used the library primarily as a resource while attending school. I still recall the wooden stands with brass hooks on the card drawers that seemed to go on forever when you pulled them out. Inside were cards that indicated where a book would be found within the library. It was long before technology and digitization.

As a young mother, I began using the library more frequently. It became a pleasant destination and my daughter and I enjoyed Tales for Twos and many other child-centered programs. Money was short at the time so it was wonderful to be able to involve our daughter in activities free of charge. We took out many children’s books from the library over the years, and when she was old enough, she was thrilled to choose her own books, stories and adventures. As we hoped, our daughter became an avid reader, much like her parents.

For many years, we borrowed DVDs from the library – there were numerous movies and documentaries that we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to see.

Books from the library have educated us on a range of subjects – gardening, cooking/baking, decorating, creating and crafting, just to name a few. We’ve also read for pleasure, enjoying various works of fiction and non-fiction, many written by Canadian authors, including some local writers. We purchase books from various sources but despite having more discretionary income than we did when our daughter was a youngster, we could never afford to buy all the books we like to read, so we’re happy to borrow from the library. We’d be spending well beyond our budget on books on an annual basis, not to mention where we would store them all!

When my husband’s elderly aunt moved into long-term care, I made regular visits to the library to find large print reading material for her. Our weekly visits often centered on the latest reads, and her enjoyment of particular authors. Eventually, I added her name to the list of people who receive regular deliveries of books from volunteers. Aunt Kay loved getting bags of books every few weeks, and was grateful for conversation with the kind volunteer who delivered them. It was a valuable service we were able to offer our loved one, thanks to the library.

I’ve also enjoyed a variety of programs through the library. I have an interest in genealogy and took several classes on the subject, which proved informative and helpful. My now adult daughter and I also took in a number of presentations on composting (with Brendan & Marcelle of Sleepy G Farm, who we’ve supported through their CSA program for a few years), sustainability and food security. We value the opportunity to be involved in these workshops. Utilizing the library helps us with our commitment to “reduce” and “reuse”, because environmental awareness is important to our family.

I’m grateful the library offers computer access to folks who don’t have it, Indigenous reading material (I’ve made it a priority to read works by Indigenous authors as part of my commitment to educate myself about Indigenous history and culture, to further Reconciliation). The library offers a vast array of programs and services and gives so much to our community. I’m happy to support the library and to be a library patron for close to 50 years.

In a nutshell, I love the Thunder Bay Public Library and value what it provides to the citizens of Thunder Bay. It has enriched my life significantly over the years. I can’t imagine Thunder Bay without it.

Thanks for the opportunity to give my two cents’ worth!

Sincerely, Cynthia

I Value the Thunder Bay Public Library

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